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Monday, June 25, 2007

Grandson is in the den

Went to the trouble to learn how to get the pics on the digital camera to a disc and then to paper so that I could send some pics to my daughter. So, since, I had done all that I sent some pics to my son and guess what? The pics won't transmit to my daughter. They go out just fine to my son's e-mail address, but not to my daughter's e-mail account. bummer! So, I will post a few for her to view on this blog.

We have the grandson and he is doing well. We are having fun with him. We have been fishing in the pontoon boats. He has trouble with the coordination and strength to row, but when we tied the two boats together and he rowed on one side and I the other, we could make the "raft" move pretty well. He caught the only fish, so, he thought it was a good day of fishing. We will try the Malheur Res. tomorrow. Hope the wind dies somewhat by tomorrow.

I have been reading stories from Pat McManus' short stories. Great bed time stories. We have to make sure that he is not eating at the time because he gets laughing so hard, I am afraid he will choke on his food. He is also concerned about that. He wants water nearby to drink because he is laughing so hard. He likes "Mean Tents" about as well as his Mommy and Uncle D did when they were little kids.


Papa Coyote and Pup Coyote are hitting the trail to go into the forest ot find a piece of wood suitable for making a bow and some arrows.