An accounting of some ventures in the life of grandma and grandpa for the kids, grandkids, friends and those who drop by for a visit.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Entertaining Grandson

K's parents had to make the difficult decision to "put down" Jake, the family Golden Retriever, who has been a part of the family since before K's grand entry into the family. That was hard, but they are dog-sitting a friend's dog, Lucy. Lucy is as old as K. She is a pretty sweet dog.

M and K waiting to drive a car at Wahooz in Boise. J and I had a good day watching these cousins play. I played a couple rounds of mini golf with them. The kids can't beat the wiley coyote, but they played pretty well. We had fun.

M caught six smallmouth bass. These were the two biggest that we kept. The larger one was the second bass caught. The other was the first bass. He had the first fish on in about two minutes of having dropped the worm to the bottom of the reservoir. The bigger fish pulled really hard. In fact the smaller fish gave M about all he thought he could handle. He was not so sure that he could land the bigger fish, but he kept with it and got the job done. Pretty exciting. We will have fried fish for breakfast tomorrow along with fried potatoes from the garden.

Looking into Hell's Canyon from the Visitor's Center located below the Hell's Canyon Dam. We spent Thursday afternoon fishing from the docks and dodging the big jet tour boats when they came in to dock.