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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures of some Family Members.

A view of Couer d' Alene Lake. Hard to take a picture that does justice to the lake. It is big.

The following pictures were taken at a birthday party for Uncle Bud Stockton. I am late posting these, but I guess, better than never. Several members of the family were missing due to a conflict with some graduation parties for Ashley Eachon, Doug's daughter (Doug is the sone of Marilyn Stockton Eachon and the graduation of Mariah, the daughter of Patti Hamilton, the daughter of Sylvia, the daughter of Leah, the daughter of Roy Stockton (bd 1885).

Robert "Robbie" Eachon, son of Marilyn Stockton Eachon, daughter of Roy and kellie Stockton, daughter of Dean "Bud" Stockton

Tim Stockton, son of John and Gen

Ken Stockton, son of John and Gen Stockton

Marge, daughter of Gene Stockton, the oldest son of Roy and Gen Stockton the widow of John Stockton, son of Roy Stockton

Cindy Stockton Gordon and her husband. Cindy is the daughter of Frank and
Shirley Stockton the son of Roy Stockton.

Brenda and Dean "Bud" Stockton on Bud's 78th birthday dinner held at Templin's in Post Falls, Idaho on June 19

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