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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4-H Day Camp for 10-14 Year Olds

This morning the Indianhead Fly Fishers taught six young curious wannabe fly fishers how to tie a woolly bugger and how to cast with fly rod and line. A brother and sister from Spokane were visiting Grandma and Grandpa and were happy to have a chance to join in on the 4-H day camp. Thanks to Melissa for arranging this day camp for now the third year. I should have taken a close up picture of their flies, but I was busy helping one of the young tiers. Many thanks to Perry who led the class. He is truly a master tier. He also tied a beautiful Woolly Bugger for each of the campers.

We did not have much success catching fish at the pond. Spencer had one on and lost it. That was the grand sum of our success. He was happy because he outfished his sister. He said it was his secret competition. Sorry, Spencer for letting the cat out of the bag! The trout are showing signs of stress as the pond heats up. The F and G did drop a truck load of bass and catfish in the pond. A twenty inch catfish gave quite a thrill to an older gentleman who hooked the cat. He had no idea the catfish and bass had been dumped into the pond. He was used to catching the 9-10 inch rainbows, so when the cat took off on a fifty foot run, he was flabbergasted.

Sorry not to have pictures of the youngsters fishing. Again I was busy like all the other Indianhead Fly Fishers working with the youngsters as they learned to cast a fly rod.

One young camper, Hunter, told me how much fun it was to learn something new and how he looked forward to finding a fly rod and reel. I told him have Mom and Dad keep a watch on

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So long for now,
Hope your lines don't suddenly go slack,
Papa Coyote


RasJane said...

Looks like fun for everyone!
And I'm happy to see another generation being taught by Mike. Did these kids get to hear any stories about his left-handed dog, Ralph? I kinda miss Ralph. :-)

PapaCoyote said...

No, Mike never mention Ralph, nor did he curl his ear into a ball, or call anybody a little s***head! There is some rumor that he has gotten religion and attends the Nazarene Church. Geez, he went to the C of I. Why the Nazarene Church? Looking forward to your visit. I will have the pools set up and tents pitched. Don't bring any of that Oregon rain. We have had enough of that stuff. Hope you post the pictures of your camping trip soon.

RasJane said...

Well, what's the point of having Mike teach kids if he's not really gonna teach them anything. Geez!
We banished the rain--it's all good now

troutbirder said...

Keeping those youngens connected to Nature!