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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Fathers' Day Celebration

Five fathers and their families gathered for a campfire and cookout over the fire. Kids and fathers had a great time. I think the moms were enjoying themseleves as well. After all they are an integral part of this father gig. Thanks to all for making the day so much fun.

Sometimes one has to experience modern technology, e.g., the digital camera from a kids point of view to truly understand the importance of the invention. Remember standing in front of the mirror making faces when you were a kid? Digital pictures makes the experience even better.

What is for dinner??

Brother and sister

What wonder this rain! Why do these silly grown ups run in from the rain when the rain is sooooo delightful.

Contemplating the days gone by?

Roasting some hot dogs and pocket pizzas over a campfire.

The two Papa's on Fathers' Day checking out the fire.

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RasJane said...

Those faces are priceless. She is just gonna LOVE that those are shared with the world someday. Hahahaha!
A campfire father's day sounds perfect. Glad you had fun.